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The Founder

Having worked at an executive level across multiple different stakeholder groups, including academia, government (USA & International), not-for-profit and for profit organizations, including a Fortune 500 Company, our Founder, Dr. Shawnmarie Mayrand-Chung, PhD/JD has learned both the importance and the value of ALIGNMENT.


As a scientist, lawyer, health policy advisor, regulator, educator, personal coach, mentor, negotiator, corporate director and partnership expert . . . she has harnessed the insight and honed her skills to identify and establish innovative and impactful collaborations in an effective and efficient manner.

Throughout her 14 years of working as an "alignment expert" she has grown to inspire and empower individuals and organizations to understand and promote social welfare through positive alignment and mindfulness.

As one example, while working at the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) she observed first-hand both the challenges and opportunities to finding solutions to communicable and non-communicable diseases. This process of research and discovery routinely takes several years to understand the science and develop successful treatments. Moreover, this process is never achieved without extensive financial resources, often beyond the capacity of any one single governmental, academic, non-profit, or corporate entity. To achieve success independently while sometimes possible is never without waste and inefficiency.

It was her work at the NIH and FDA, as Director for the Biomarker Consortium where she first realized the potential for greater success by bringing together resources through novel, multi-stakeholder collaborations to help advance medical research more efficiently and affordably.  Over the ensuing years Shawnmarie has kept a mindful eye on what it takes to create effective, efficient and sustainable relationships.  Her passion for empowering others to embrace change in the most positive and impactful ways has recently let her to create The Alignment Initiative - an organization rooted in Making Good Greater™.



The Board of Directors

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